At Avanta, the shaping of a narrow waist without removal of the ribs is performed by plastic surgeon Vardan Arshakyan, who is a special guest doctor from Moscow.

According to a common opinion, a narrow waist is one of the indicators of femininity. Until recently, the only technique for having a narrow waist was removal of the lower ribs. However, this is dangerous and an extreme method.

Dr. Kazbek Kudzaev has developed a unique method for formation of waist, providing the opportunity to form a narrow waist and maintain the bones and their functions at the same time.

Essence of the intervention

Small cuts are made in the back area (an insignificant cut is made with the help of a special device). Afterwards, a small cut is made in the rib. The waist becomes narrow as a result of modification of a corner of the rib.

Advantages of the surgery

  • function of the ribs (protecting organs from injuries) remains unchanged
  • painless
  • does not require change of pace of life
  • short recovery period

Important to know

In order to help maintain the effect, a special corset needs to be worn during the two months following surgery.

The indications for this surgery are only aesthetic.


  • diabetes
  • oncological diseases
  • chronic diseases in acute phase
  • mental disorders
  • individual contraindications

The surgeon recommends avoiding physical activity during the three months following surgery.

At Avanta, consultation with the surgeon is free-of-charge.

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