Blepharoplasty is a surgical operation aimed at removing the orbital fat hernias and abundant skin in the lower and upper eyelid areas.

Blepharoplasty has an increasing demand in Armenia in the last few years.

Every visible result is based on a comprehensive approach to solving aesthetic problems. At Avanta clinic, the centers of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and dentistry are operating under the same roof for your comfort. Highlight the beauty and youth of your eyes with a blinding smile and a set of non-invasive procedures.

The final result after the surgery is visible in as few as 2-4 weeks.

Blepharoplasty for aesthetic purposes is recommended after the age of 35.

The operation is carried out under local anesthesia.

Types of blepharoplasty:


  • Upper
  • Lower
  • Circular
  • Canthopexy


Upper lid: an incision is made on the upper eyelid — after making markings on it — in order to remove fat hernias and excess skin.

Lower lid: this operation is also performed to remove fat hernias and excess skin. At a younger age, lower lid blepharoplasty does not include skin removal and is aimed to remove fat hernias which are often hereditary.

Circular blepharoplasty: surgical operation on both upper and lower eyelids, aimed at fast and efficient removal of wrinkles. After a circular blepharoplasty, the eyes become more expressive and dark baggy circles under them vanish.

Canthopexy: surgery on the outer corners of eyes. Helps to get rid of drooping lower eyelids (ptosis) and correct the eyes’ shape and size. As a result, you get a fresher look, without your eyes seeming tired and grim.

After the surgery:

  • You can leave the hospital the same day
  • The bandage if taken off in 4-5 days
  • Swelling and redness pass after 7-10 days

What to pay attention to after the surgery

  • Avoid sunlight
  • Do not use makeup
  • Reduce physical activities

What to combine blepharoplasty with

Plastic surgeries make the eyes look clearer and the face younger by 5-10 years if combined with SMAS lifting and neck skin tightening.

At Avanta clinic, you can also take a unique course of the Fotona Smooth Eyes laser therapy before and after blepharoplasty. The course will help elongate your young look.