Phlebology is an area of vascular surgery that is targeted at the diagnosis and treatment of blood vessels.

You should see a doctor-phlebologist for help in case of:

  • vascular stars
  • vessel enlargement
  • heaviness in the legs
  • fatigue
  • leg pain
  • leg swelling

All the modern techniques for combating vessel enlargement are presented at Avanta. Not all clinics have the opportunity to diagnose and provide treatment for vessel enlargement.

During a consultation with a phlebologist, you will learn about the type of treatment that will be more effective for you.

At our clinic, you also have an opportunity to undergo a Duplex scan. After the scan, the phlebologist receives complete information about the condition of the blood vessels.

Based on the data, the doctor selects the most appropriate option for treatment.

Modern techniques allow for treatment to be atraumatic and to make sure there is no recovery period. At our clinic, enlarged vessels are removed under the supervision of Duplex, and this helps improve the results.

Treatment of vessel enlargement:

  • sclerotherapy (foam sclerotherapy)
  • microsclerothrapy
  • laser ablation
  • treatment of vessels through VenaBlock bioadhesive
  • Mini-Phlebectomy
  • laser treatment for vascular stars