The order of showing dental services at Avanta Innovative Medical Center.

Please, always coordinate an appointment time with the clinics administrators. If You are late or can not can come at all, please warn an administrator in advance by phone. This will give us an opportunity to see emergency patients.
When should I refuse to visit the clinics?
One should refuse to visit the clinics when having acute viral and bacterial diseases of the throat and respiratory tract, as well as in case of herpetic “eruption”.


Before the treatment you may take a snack. You may take food immediately after the treatment as agreed with Your attending doctor.
One shouldn’t take alcohol before the visit to the doctor as it dramatically reduces the effectiveness of anesthetics.
Do not forget the usual hygiene: brushing and flossing.
What should be done before the appointment?
Before the first visit You will be asked to complete a questionnaire. You will have to recall the earlier and associated diseases, medication intolerance and allergic reactions. Be sure to bring Your passport.

An appointment

A patient receives advance information about the services of the clinics, the order of the appointment at the reception by visiting the clinics or by the following phones: +374 12 32 32 32. The patient decides an appointment time by agreement with the administrator.

Patient’s welcome

A patient comes into the office at the invitation of the assistant. During the primary examination, the doctor makes the preliminary diagnosis, determines the volume and its prognosis as well as the approximate cost, also he makes a complete treatment plan about which he informs in details the patient. Examination results are recorded in the medical card, where the patient confirms his agreement with the proposed plan of treatment and the cost. If necessary, the patient is given a copy of the medical card. Prerequisite for treatment is patient’s precise compliance with all current recommendations of the doctor, ensuring the necessary level of oral hygiene and rules of prostheses and orthodontic appliances use.


The initial examination and preparation of a comprehensive treatment plan with advice are fee paying. The treatment plan is a rough estimate. The doctor warns the patient in case there is a need of making changes in the terms of treatment.


A guarantee is set on the works done. A prerequisite for the guarantee implementation is patient’s compliance with all doctor’s recommendations, ensuring the necessary level of oral hygiene, as well as patient’s routine check-ups at least twice a