Practical implantology

Workshops from the President of the Armenian Association of Implantology Karen Grigoryan DDS, Ph.D.
Karen Grigoryan is in charge of the chain of “Avanta” clinics. He is a renowned implant surgeon in the country, a medical practitioner with years of experience, the doctor of the highest category, experienced teacher. It is generally admitted that a Chief Doctor who continues clinical work and work with patients is of great value.

Since 1995 Karen Grigoryan has been working with implants, using in his practical work the achievements of clinical implantology, functional diagnostics, implant treatment planning and forecasting of its results with the application of orthopantomography analysis, computer positioning of implants on the latest dental technologies. Over the years we have gained a unique experience in implant surgery in our clinics, which guarantees the long-term success of implants placing. Based on the demand of our experience, we have developed plans for individual workshops on practical implantology in our clinics. Participants will be able individually or in a group to see the application of methods of treatment, ask questions, talk with the leading physicians of the clinics. The schedule of practical workshops and registration for seminars are agreed in advance.

The easiest and fastest way to arrange an internship or training course on clinical implantology in our clinics –is sending an application form of the participants of the workshops.
After receiving Your application we will talk you through the timing, send the necessary documents, prompt the follow-up algorithm
In case you do not live in Yerevan, we will book a hotel in advance, arrange a meeting after making an agreement.