A smile is our best accessory. We hear it very often and nobody will argue with it. With fast sophistication of dentistry restoration materials and systems for bonding with natural dental tissues it becomes possible in many cases to restore aesthetically even very badly damaged teeth.

In doing so we avoid dental prosthesis. It is not only more expensive, but often related with the loss of healthy dental tissue. Aesthetic restoration helps to restore only those parts of teeth that were lost, and healthy tissues are preserved. We can match or greatly change color, shape or size for any separate tooth or group of teeth. This restoration helps to straighten asymmetric smile, create beauty. After all, people want to look beautiful and they deserve it.

Aesthetic teeth filling is one of the newest methods of teeth filling. Everyone wants to have beautiful, white not only healthy teeth, so it is not enough to recreate the function of teeth. Therefore the demand of aesthetic filling is very large. It does not matter how many times a tooth has been treated before, after aesthetic filling it looks so natural as if it sprouted up naturally again.

The principle of aesthetic filling is to reconstruct the natural layers of a tooth and keep it alive not abrading it. This method is also called teeth restoration. Comparing with other methods of teeth filling the restoration has many advantages. Applying this method helps to avoid the reactions of decline of immune organism system. It is because of the structure of materials used during procedure and besides, they are very near to natural tissues of teeth. The advantage of teeth restoration is that a tooth looks absolutely natural.

Filled with usual homogeneous filling materials, the stops are different from a natural tooth: they are mat, in the course of time they continue changing their colour. Natural teeth are limpid, in different light deeper layers of teeth become translucent a little through the enamel. Such a natural look of a tooth is created with the help of several layers, which supplement each other. And it is possible to achieve by aesthetic filling method.

Teeth durability is one more important advantage of teeth filling. Mostly used filling materials react to surroundings differently.

E.g. they become wider while eating hot food, shrinks while eating cold food, but tissues of a tooth do not react to any thermal irritants. After some time little chinks appear between the tissues of a tooth and filling. Because of this process the tooth begins to decay again. The filling is taken off; the tooth is cleaned and filled again.

With every cleaning of tooth decay less and less of a natural tooth remains. At the time of restoration the used materials react to the thermal irritants in the same way as a tooth. The probability of secondary caries development reduces with the help of cofferdam gum which is always used during our work. Therefore there is no need to fill teeth repeatedly, the tissues of a tooth are preserved, unpleasant sensations and extra expenses are avoided.

Teeth infringed upon caries, broken off or damaged in other ways may be reconstructed with the method of restoration.