Prophylactic programs for Pregnant Women

Our explanations

We congratulate you on the joyful and exciting event in your life – the expectation of the baby’s appearance․ From the moment you learned about this, everything in your life happens with consideration the special state of the future mother, the health and well-being of the new little man to be born.

We have been working with families of our patients for many years and it is very pleasant that those who were brought to the clinic once by parents, grow up and become parents themselves. We see how female adolescents, who recently wore braces, become charming bride-girls and then future moms as well.

Our task is to do everything in order to help preserve the health of the teeth and the beautiful smile that mother will present her baby. That’s why our program for future parents was called this way.

Our recommendations

It is a very pleasant fact that more and more families are approaching the appearance of the baby responsibly and undergo examination and treatment with dentist. If you have come to the dentist already during pregnancy, we will do our most to conduct the treatment safely for you and the baby, in due time, with observance of all measures of psychological protection with true uncompromising quality. For detailed advice you can contact your doctor at any gestation term. Tell the administrator beforehand about your special status and he will arrange your appointment with the relevant specialist. To start treatment, we will need permission from your obstetrician-gynecologist and “Prenatal record” to make sure of gestation term and possible features of the course of pregnancy.

Our features

In Avanta Innovative Medical Center only highly qualified specialists who have been specially trained and have all the necessary knowledge of the characteristics of the pregnant woman’s body at various gestation terms and who have extensive experience of working with this particular category of patients are engaged in the treatment of future mothers.