What type of implants do we use? Various types of implants with various designs, macro, and micro geometric design are used in implantology. Speaking about the dental implants, we will observe the most common type: the screw implants. It is made of titanium and has a cylinder or cone shape. Why titanium? The type of impantsPerhaps the most important thing about it is that titanium is bioinert.

  • Titanium is a complete element, not an alloy.
  • It doesn't cause allergic reactions.
  • Titanium is neutral in taste and does not change the taste of food.
  • It's biocompatible metal with oral tissue.
  • It does not react with other metals.
  • It's fully natural metal.
  • It's ultralight.
  • It has good thermal isolation.
  • It’s stable and not soluble under the influence of oral cavity chemical processes.
  • It is acceptable by the organism in an exceptional way.

  Confidently we can verify, that the organism accepts titanium very well. The dental implant made from titanium is not exposed to corrosion while being in the bone. The implant is identical to the teeth root. Then abutment is placed on the implant, which fits over the portion of the implant that protrudes from the gum line. The abutment can be made of both metal and zirconium. Teeth can be made of conventional and noble metals, as well as zirconium and aluminum oxides. Metal-ceramic teeth can be made of usual and noble metals, as well as zirconium and aluminum oxides.

What implants do we use?

In our clinic, you can find a wide range of dental implants produced by the world-renowned manufacturers: ASI – Armenia-Russia ImPlay – Israel MIS – Israel Conmet – Russia Alfa Bio – Israel ImPlasa – Germany Nobel Biocare – USA – Sweden and so on. Dozens of prosthetics systems are being used in the market with the use of dental implants. Few of them are widely used in the world thanks to the predictable result of the treatment, but not the price and other conditions of the local market. As in any market, there are leading companies, too.  The innovative component is huge in their developments, the results' reliability and predictability of implants of these companies are widely known. Each of these companies carefully monitors the quality of the output and offers the latest solutions. Today, as well as many years ago, there are four leading companies owning the majority of sales worldwide. At the same time, dental clinics choose these companies not for their low prices, but for predictability and reliability of their results. Among them, Nobel Biocare company, we have been cooperating with for about fifteen years, ranks number one. Dental implant market is growing rapidly. The reason is simple: almost each of us has at least one removed tooth. The defects that have not been eliminated at time, cause more problems in the future. In such cases, the best efficient treatment is implantation.