Dental implantation is active development and promising branch of the dentistry. It's developing at a sharp pace. New approaches and technologic solutions appear almost every month. Dental implantation researches are carried out by the largest dental institutions and research centers.

The principle of the method

Through the incision in the mucous membrane of the alveolar ridge, an implant is placed into the bone. It will serve as an anchorage for the crown in the manufacture of a fixed denture or a base for mounting a lock for removable denture. Implants are made of biocompatible materials, such as titanium. Dental implants can be the ideal solution for replacing one or several missing or lost teeth. If there are missing molars, the implant assumes the function of a supporting tooth, and with the complete absence of teeth due to the use of several implants, the fixation of the prosthesis becomes even more reliable. With significant dental defects, implants serve as reliable anchorage for bridge work, thus eliminating the need for a removable prosthesis. With the help of implants, even with adentia, it is possible to fix a non-removable prosthesis. The result of this voluminous work corresponds to aesthetic requirements, reliable fixing is achieved. With the help of implants, even in the absence of full teeth, can be placed a non-removable prosthesis/Conventional Dentures. This extensive work result is based on aesthetic requirements, and reliable fixing is achieved. This extensive work result is based on aesthetic requirements and has reliable fixing. 99% of the success of implantation and subsequent prosthetics is a team effort between patient, dentist, and periodontist.

իմպլանտացիաGuarantees for dental implantation

The average lifetime of the implants (statistical data) is 20 years and can last longer. However, this is possible in case you follow the doctor's instructions correctly, has the hygienic treatment and examination of the oral cavity and implant structures every 6 months and you solve all the implant problems in time. In addition, smoking and other harmful habits have a negative impact on implants, as well as various diseases that lead to changes in the bone structure. Doctors of Avanta clinic have more than 20 years of experience in the field of implantology (since 1996), so they are able to guarantee the desired treatment results even in the most complicated cases.