In some cases it will be necessary to perform blood tests, orthopantomogram and computer tomography (CT), to conduct computer simulation, to prepare a surgical template, as required to conduct a wax modeling.

Additional diagnostics and actions during dental implantationThe listed interventions quantity and expediency is determined for each case individually. In our clinic, in most cases, before starting a medical intervention, we can show the visitors how their teeth will look like at the end of the treatment. Before taking a final decision the patient has enhance to estimate the final result still at the beginning of the treatment.

Very often, during prosthetic procedure, you’ll have to pay for a healing abutment. As well as for the connecting elements, abatement and crown, which replaces the tooth.

An immediate loading is not possible approximately in a quarter of cases. The bone tissue is not enough in the supposed surgical site. All of these leads to the need necessity of additional preliminary interventions. These interventions may exceed the implantation procedure by their complexity and price. In most cases, implantation is not much more complicated procedure than the removal of teeth. As a result, you get new teeth, something that people were unable to afford for centuries.