Metal Braces can be silver or gold colored. Metal brackets are very strong and can withstand most types of daily interaction. When initially attached they may be a little irritating to your gums, but patients normally get used to it. Cheeks and gums grow tough and adapt. Most traditional metal braces are installed with elastic rubber bands. These are called ligatures and they keep the arch and the bracket attached to each other. The ligatures are usually available in multiple colors, so you at least have a little say on how it looks.

Caring for your metal braces

Once you’ve received your braces you will want to watch what you eat. This is part of the lifestyle change that will need to take place during the period of wearing the braces which is typically 2 years. Stay away from most tough meats, hard vegetables or anything else which is hard…especially candy. Avoid chewy things that might stick to the metal braces such as caramel, gum. Also try to stay away from hard crunchy foods that might dislodge the metal braces such as chips and popcorn. Instead of biting into full apples, divide them into slices. You’ll learn how to chew with your braces in a matter of days.

Flossing can be difficult with traditional metal braces. Getting around the wires is tough. You may want to consider a waterpik. This is a jet-water tool that can be a good alternative to flossing and it will help remove lodged food and keep your braces clean.