Damon SystemThe Damon System is the braces system we use here at our office; we’re always at the cutting edge of technology in Orthodontics. The Damon System offers gentle, and comfortable tooth movement that is quicker and more efficient than traditional braces using self ligating braces with far fewer visits and less extractions.

 Damon Braces Vs regular braces

Damon is more than just a kind of brace. It is essentially a philosophy of orthodontic treatment and a system to accomplish this with the braces playing one part of the system.

A Damon brace is a self ligating bracket which means that the wire moving the tooth is held in place by a gate on the brace making the brace a tunnel which the wire passes through. In traditional braces an elastics tie is used to hold the wire in the brace.
The disadvantage of this is the elastic presses the wire against the brace creating a large amount of friction that has to be overcome to move the teeth.
The Damon brace holds the wire passively allowing tooth movement at a fraction of the force levels required to move teeth.

As you can tell we use the Damon System which has allowed us to move teeth in ways that we could not before in much shorter treatment times. We believe this method of aligning teeth gives our patients the best possible results and we therefore use Damon braces exclusively.