The T.C. Activators are appliances used to correct the bite through muscle training. The appliance is designed to direct the lower jaw ahead, and with full time wear of the appliance, the teeth move, the bite improves, and your smile becomes more beautiful.
Your T.C. Activator moves your teeth by using the force of your muscles. You work your muscles most by:

Activators 1Biting into the appliance
Speaking clearly
Smiling with your lips together
You may only remove your appliance when you are:
Eating and Drinking
Brushing your teeth or cleaning your appliance
Playing contact sports

How to clean your appliance

ActivatorsThe appliance should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste each time you brush your teeth, and can be soaked in pure white vinegar weekly to give it a thorough cleaning. Never soak it in mouthwash or denture cleaner, as this can weaken the wires and can cause them to break. Note: In order to be sure that the appliance does not develop a foul smell, be sure that it is rinsed or brushed before placing it in the case.

Adapting to your new appliance

For the first week, wear your appliance for a few hours each day. It is a very good idea to practice speaking with the appliance in place. The biggest hurdle for patients is getting used to speaking with their appliance. For the second week, wear your appliance whenever you are in the house. During the third week, wear it to school, as well as at home. Then, finally, on the fourth week, we would like you to wear the appliance to bed as well as all other times.

We have found that those people who report that the appliance comes out at night are those who haven’t become used to wearing it during the day. This is why we ask you to begin wearing the appliance to bed only once you are used to wearing it all day.
Please bring your appliance with you at each visit so that it can be adjusted if needed.