Hair transplant is currently the only effective surgical technique to combat hair loss.

At Avanta, hair transplants are done by plastic surgeon Torgom Khachatryan.

Hair loss, which is very common among men (50% of men between 20 and 60), was considered an insoluble problem for a long time.

Over the past few years, there have been more and more cases of focal hair loss, which also occurs in women.

The solution to the problem with focal hair loss is hair transplant. Alternative methods and sometimes even medicine are often ineffective.

At Avanta, we apply the funicular unit transplant for hair transplants. 

 Main advantages

  • no occurrence of itching
  • does not lead to induration
  • does not cause scarring and inflammation
  • up-to 25-year warranty

Avanta is one of the few clinics in Armenia where doctors master the following techniques:

  • FUTfollicular unit transplantation
  • FUEfollicular unit extraction, long hair transplant
  • BHTbody hair transplant

FUT (follicular unit transplantation)

Average duration of surgery: 3-4 hours

Recovery period: 2 weeks


  • stitch is covered with hair
  • visitor might be discharged from hospital the same day
  • traces of transplantation are noticeable for a maximum of 10 days
  • visitor can go back to work the next day
  • several grafts can be transplanted during one surgery

The following is not allowed for the first three weeks after the surgery:

  • lifting heavy objects
  • going to a sauna
  • going to a solarium

FUEfollicular unit extraction, long hair transplant

The feature of this technique is hair transplant without initial cuts. Hair follicles are transplanted within the skin through surgery. In this case, the surgeon can also take a hair follicle from the chest, hands and back, ensuring larger density of hair.

This hair transplant technique is less invasive. In some cases, the visitor will need to take tranquilizers for the first two to three days after the surgery.

Recovery period: 2-4 weeks


  • scars disappear after surgery
  • micro-openings close on their own
  • number of grafts is calculated with high precision
  • natural growth and properties of hair are maintained
  • low invasiveness
  • short recovery period


BHT is hair transplant on different parts of the body and helps combat hereditary hair loss, especially when a large number of grafts need to be transplanted. In this case, various parts of the body can be used as donor material. Those parts of the body (chest, hands, legs, beard) are not subject to hereditary hair loss.


  • no stitches
  • mild postoperative course
  • few contraindications


  • allergic reactions
  • chronic diseases

After the hair transplant surgery, the hair roots taken from different parts of the body acquire the properties of the hair on the particular part of the head, providing the opportunity to restore the density of the hair scalp.

All the hair transplant techniques help achieve wonderful results. The doctor and visitor choose the required and most appropriate option for each case during a consultation.

At Avanta, consultation is free-of-charge.

2000 hair grafts were used for hair restoration.

3000 hair grafts were used for hair restoration.

3000 hair grafts were used for hair restoration.

3000 hair grafts were used for hair restoration.

Eyebrow Transplantation in women.

Eyebrow Transplantation in women.