Vacuum massageVacuum massage, or, in other words, capping massage is well combined with anti-cellulite massage to improve the treatment of cellulite. Vacuum massage improves blood circulation, removes lymph retention, allows the skin to breathe easily and the body – actively remove toxins.

The procedure is somewhat similar to a regular massage; only the main tool here is not the hands of a massage therapist but special plastic jars. The treated area is smeared with massage oil or cream, and then the jars that should firmly stick to the skin are applied. Then the massage therapist moves the
Vacuum massagejars, massaging the skin with vacuum. The vacuum formed in the jar causes local blood and lymph flow to the skin, spurring the metabolism and causing fat cells to “work” and, therefore, to break down.

The course of vacuum massage is effective if it consists of 10 – 20 sessions, depending on each case separately. For the maintenance of results it is recommended to undergo 2 supporting courses per year.