A method, directly aimed at splitting of fat cells – ultrasound therapy is used to reduce the amount of fat in the fight against cellulite.
The procedure has analgesic, resolving, anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect and causes muscle contraction. Under the influence of ultrasound waves the stimulation of endocrine glands takes place, recovery processes accelerate. The activity of enzymes of fat cells increases, which facilitates the rapid removal of fat.
The procedure for ultrasound therapy is also effectively used for correction after rapid weight loss (lifting effect).
Mechanical, thermal, physicochemical factors play a major role in ultrasound therapy.
These factors – “micro massage”, temperature rise and the acceleration of physicochemical processes determine increasing of permeability of cell membranes, metabolism strengthening, improvement of microcirculation.
Only the inclusion of ultrasound in the range of therapeutic interventions makes it possible to achieve positive results in fibrous stage of cellulite.

Advantages of ultrasound techniques:

– saturation of tissue with energy
– maintenance of deeper penetration of active substances
– strengthening of metabolism in the dermal tissue
– recovery of cutaneous fibers, stimulation of collagen, elastin production
– reducing of fat depot volume
– improving of skin cover tone and elasticity
– smoothing of “orange peel”
– absence of pain and discomfort

Ultrasound therapy is also widely used in cosmetics for deep cleaning of skin, which leads to improved blood circulation, strengthening the venous and lymph efflux (lymph drainage), skin hydration and oxygen enrichment.
The indications are as follows: local fat depot, cellulite, withering face skin, decreasing of tissue elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines, clogged pores, rehabilitation after cosmetic and surgical interventions.
The best result of ultrasound therapy is achieved in combination with other hardware techniques and cosmetic procedures, such as:
-various masks,
-body wraps,
-manual massage.
The use of ultrasound therapy is not possible in case of coronary heart disease, pregnancy, acute infectious diseases and cancer, with growing uterine fibroids.