Meso dissolution is a method of injection of large volumes of hyposmolar cocktail into the area of cluster of adipocytes (fat cells). As a result of Meso dissolution fat cell is destroyed. The method is effective for getting rid of localized fat depots-on the the abdomen, buttocks, knees, shoulders, double chin.
During Meso dissolution special fat burning (lipolytic) cocktails injected deep into the subcutaneous fat are used. Due to the existing difference of osmolarity of the injected cocktail and surrounding tissues the rupture of the membrane of adipocytes (fat cells) takes place. At the destruction of adipocytes the decay products do not accumulate at the site of injection, but are moved to the bloodstream. This method gives a stunning effect – zone correction is maintained for several years.

Indications to Meso dissolution:

  • local fat deposits (thighs, buttocks, wheel-fold, abdomen, upper scapular waist)
  • cellulite
  • contour plastic body
  • sagginess
  • Loss of skin elasticity