The unique EvoShape features provide a highest quality of performing the complete range of thermolifting procedures. The aim of such procedures is to quickly and painlessly provide visible skin lifting, smooth away wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and return it a young look.
Complex effect of the system on biological tissues allows to achieve excellent results in struggle with cellular senescence, flagging, stretch marks and skin laxity, muscular tone reduction, adipose tissue surplus, cellulite.

Radiofrequency (or RF) lifting is one of the most effective and modern methods of non-invasive skin rejuvenation.

The red light of certain wavelengths is The EvoShape handpieces are equipped with a high-power source of red light with specially selected wavelengths,which is absorbed by connective tissues and promotes activation of its structural molecules growth and stimulates mitochondria for synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which in its turn activates fibroblasts for synthesis of collagen and other structural molecules.
Combined effect of radiofrequency and optical radiation inter-enhance the effect of stimulating synthesis of new collagen and elastin molecules.

The coagulation temperature threshold of collagen (complete denaturation) is within the range from 43°С (wet skin) to 47°С (dry skin). It also depends on the exposure time. That is why, to ensure patients’ safety it is very important to control the temperature and treatment time. For this reason the EvoShape is equipped with a pyrometric sensor allowing to precisely and very quickly measure the patient’s skin temperature right in the course of treatments.

The EvoShape can be used successfully in case of
the necessity to correct double chin and skin contour,
lax atonic face, decolete and neck skin, facial wrinkles and lines,
upper eyelid overhang,
eyebrows descent,
enlarged pores and post-acne,
local fibroadipose depot
necessity to correct figure,
removing striae, stretch marks and skin flabbiness on buttocks,
arms and abdomen, different types of cellulite.