Carboxytherapy is a kind of aesthetic mesotherapy based on subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide. With carboxytherapy the correction of all kinds of the following cosmetic problems: acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, traces of surgery, loss of skin elasticity takes place. During carboxytherapy an injection of carbon dioxide (medical carbon dioxide) is administred, which is  accompanied by artificial strengthening of cells oxygen starvation. 30 minutes after the carboxytherapy  session all the carbon dioxide is completely eliminated from the body through the lungs and kidneys,  however, the work just starts within the body. Skin cells “wake up” and begin to respond to a stressful  situation by a sharp increase of blood circulation. Oxygen flowing into the tissue during carboxytherapy is involved in cells oxidative processes.

The procedure

Carboxytherapy is performed with the help of modern equipment, which allows to control the indicators  of volume, pressure, concentration and depth of the substance insertion. An instantaneous increase of  blood and lymph flow takes place in the injection site, resulting in cells metabolism acceleration. The  exposure of carbon dioxide on the skin starts the process of skin recovery and rejuvenation, which is manifested in:

•an expressed inflammatory action
• normalization of trophism, expanding the lumen of blood vessels
• stimulation of fibroblasts activity – special cells responsible for production of constructive protein of
the skin (collagen) and enhancement of the dermal matrix
• enhanced production of hyaluronic acid, fibronectin, polysaccharide complexes, amino acids by skin
• improving the process of cell metabolism
• pronounced lifting effect, increasing turgor, skin hydration
• activation of cellular immunity
• improving cell regeneration
• decrease of subcutaneous fat, etc.

Carboxytherapy procedure, according to reviews, doesn’t come with pain. Sensations during a session can be compared with a slight feeling of tension on the treated area. Small discomfort usually lasts for 3-5 minutes, until the release of carbon dioxide occurs. After injection in the treatment area a little swelling may appear, but it is the inflammatory process which is an integral part of carboxytherapy and triggers regenerative processes in tissues. To obtain a stable lifting effect the specialists of our clinic recommend a 4-6 treatment course. Face carboxytherapy session takes about 30 minutes and is carried out every 2-4 weeks. It is not recommended to wet the injection site after the face carboxytherapy procedure for 4 hours. Also, do not swim, visit sauna, steam room, overheat or supercool skin before redness and swelling of the tissues disappear.


Carboxytherapy has no complications and no side effects. The rehabilitation period after the procedure is also missing. Nevertheless, with some diseases carboxytherapy may cause deterioration of the body.

Absolute contraindications to carboxytherapy are:

• recent myocardial infarction
• inflammatory process at the site of treatment
• renal and respiratory failure
• epilepsy
• pregnancy and lactation period

Problem solution

Traditionally, the area around the eyes is hardly yielding to cosmetic procedures. Carboxytherapy solves a number of age-related defects:

• correction of dark circles under the eyes
• reducing fatty pads with the help of skin tightening and fat reduction
• correction of wrinkled mesh around the eyes
• correction of the upper eyelid
• correction of the brow arcs level (lifting effect)
• improving the quality of the skin around the eyes

In general, using the face carboxytherapy the following problems can be eliminated:

• blepharoptosis
• wrinkles
• wrinkles on the lips (lip relief correction)
• cheeks sagging (ptosis of the lower third of the face)
• folds on the neck (Venus rings)
• correction of double chin
• excess volume in the cheeks
• décolleté rejuvenation
• elimination of acne scars
• correction of localized fat deposits

After the procedure

Sensations during the procedure can be compared with the light pulsation or pressure. A slight discomfort usually lasts 2-4 minutes. Carbon dioxide is 20 times more soluble than oxygen, that’s why it readily and rapidly spreads from the injection site to the surrounding tissues. After the introduction the gas will be absorbed within 5 minutes, and swelling and a slight reddening will appear. The process of
inflammation will trigger the production of collagen.


Modern technologies and tools make carboxytherapy absolutely safe. However, in each individual case a professional assessment of possible contraindications is necessary. Carboxytherapy can be safely used on any type of skin. Before the procedure a specialist’s consultation is necessary.