Tan in our solarium will surprise you – it is the achievement of the desired result without damaging one’s health.

In the quest for beauty and health one shouldn’t forget that tan in the solarium as well as tan under the sun has its own rules and safety precautions will not be superfluous.
The number and duration of tanning sessions is selected for each person individually. It depends on skin type and the level you start at.

Before the first visit to the solarium one should consult our doctor.Solarium 1

Solarium is contraindicated to hypertensive patients suffering from hyperpigmentation, diabetes, problems with the thyroid gland, patients with infectious diseases. Eye protection from ultraviolet radiation requires special attention. Reasons for which eye protection is used during solarium is well known.

Sun bathers should know that eyes should be protected with the help of special glasses. For those who reverently look to his tan and does not want white stripes to remain on the nose and on the temples of glasses, there are disposable eye stickers.
We would like to draw the particular attention of fair sex to the protection of the breast during insolation. So if you prefer to use a solarium and on the beach topless, we strongly recommend that you use stickers while sunbathing – chest protecting. They are easy in use, do not leave the contours and, most importantly, do not create sense of discomfort

In rare occasions a woman allows herself to go out without makeup. At least that’s for sure she will apply nourishing cream or moisturizer. With respect to cosmetics, there is one rule of thumb. An hour before the session the skin needs to be cleaned from perfumes to protect themselves from possible allergies. In the sunroom you can use only special cosmetics for tanning. Cosmetics for solarium can be purchased in our clinics.Solarium


Do not exceed the tanning time recommended for your skin type
-Don’t sunbathe more than once a day
-Don’t sunbathe more than 20 minutes at a time and more than 80 hours per year, including tan under the sun.

To obtain a stable color you can visit solarium 6-10 times and then sunbathe 2-3 times a week to maintain the resulting shade.