Warts are lumps on the very different areas of the skin – on the face, body, palms and soles of the feet.
Warts are not dangerous, but they are inclined to extension, so warts need to be treated promptly.
Do not attempt to remove a wart yourself, contact a doctor!


• Attempts to remove warts on your own may lead to the formation of unsightly scars.
• Warts can be easily mixed up with malignancy (e.g., skin cancer). Then the self-treatment and the delay become especially dangerous.
• It is not enough just to remove warts to prevent a recurrence (return) of infection; you must carry out a general treatment aimed at strengthening the immune system.

Methods of warts removal

• radiowave surgery
• laser sugery

Application sites

Body and face
Details of warts removal procedure
Warts removal is carried out with the help of ELLMAN radio wave current.
If necessary a histologic examination may be required.


Wart removal is performed under local anesthesia

Place of performance

Ambulant treatment

The duration of wart removal procedure:

From 10 to 30 minutes


Minor soreness

What should be expected after wart removal?

Healing takes place under crusts within 8-10 days, 12-14 days later the crust entirely drops off.

The reasons of warts appearance

The warts are caused by various types of HPV (human papilloma virus). The virus is transmitted from the infected person by contact. Besides an autoinfection-spread of warts on human skin takes place. The reappearance of warts mainly depends on human immunity. Self-recovery or disease recurrence is also determined by this.
Besides warts human papilloma virus can cause papillomas and condylomata.