Until recently, women considered moles a genuine décor. Nowadays, women more often decide to remove moles, and sometimes they remove them only for aesthetic purposes. There are also medical reasons for mole removal. At Avanta, mole removal is only research-based. It is necessary to remember that not all moles are subject to removal.


At Avanta, our specialists diagnose the visitor and remove the mole through the latest methods, that is, radiofrequency mole removal and laser mole removal.

Removal of:

  • papilloma
  • nevus
  • warts
  • blisters
  • keratoma
  • xanthelasma
  • hemangioma
  • skin flakes
  • condyloma
  • contagious mollusk
  • calluses
  • atheroma, sebaceous cyst
  • basalioma, skin cancer
  • lipoma

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