Why should laser tattoo removal be done only in the clinic?

When used properly, the laser tattoo removal is possible without surrounding tissues trauma. Please note: this is possible with the proper and correct application of the desired laser. An exactly matched mode of action of the laser radiation is capable of removing dye without scar formation. Only a qualified specialist of cosmetic clinic with the necessary laser equipment is able to carry out such procedure. Therefore safe and most effective tattoo removal is possible only in a specialized clinic.

Principles of laser tattoo removal Q-med

Laser tattoo removal without scarring is possible while using laser technology Q-med, based on selective photo activation. Selective lasers are called so because their laser beam selectively destroys the dye without damaging the surrounding tissues. The wavelength and beam pulses frequency allow to cleave the dye granules located in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin on the micro particles without damaging the outer cover. After the session of procedures an active period comes which lasts 3-4 weeks.

During this time, the micro particles of dye are being removed from the body through the lymphatic system. Complex tattoos are removed in several sessions. Their number depends on the depth and density of the pile, color and size of the tattoo. Tattoo removal using the method of selective photo activation causes only slight burning sensation.
This is the best method of tattoo removal to date. Laser technology based on selective photoactivation of dye granules allows not only to output but also to correct the previously deposited cosmetic tattoos, weaken their contrast, lighten toning tattoos.


In Yerevan only in our clinic you can find seven kinds of the latest European medical lasers which allow choosing the most appropriate one for you. The right choice of the laser in combination with high professionalism of our doctors is the keystone of success and safety of the high-efficient, rapid and painless laser tattoo removal.