Fractional Laser Co2 
Full face laser rejuvenation
Wrinkles, scars removal Laser resurfacing

With the help of the newest Superrefraction photothermolysis-CO2 in the medical center Avanta after 3-5 procedures you will get rid of many problems, resurface and clean your skin.


The secret of Superrefraction photothermolysis CO2 effectiveness which is called dermal optical thermolysis is in the removal of microportions of old skin and the further recovery of damaged areas. During laser resurfacing the micro sites of epidermis are spot-on treated resulting in a natural biological “answer” of skin. Instead of removed keratinized layer an active synthesis of new cells starts, the skin resurfaces and becomes younger. Together with cells of epidermis and derma the fibers of collagen and elastin-agents of skin, providing its tonus and elasticity start to synthesize.

A superrefraction photothermolysis-CO2 is a controlled, safe and effective method of skin rejuvenation and purification with minimum risk of complications which doesn’t require long term healing period. During the laser resurfacing of damaged skin areas with post acne scars or linear atrophy the microsites of pathologically changed tissues are removed, they are replaced with absolutely healthy and smooth skin. As a rule with minor and small defects the patients note that scars and linear atrophy become almost invisible already after the first procedure- the skin micro-relief is smoothed and the chromatism is decreased.

This laser system of the3rd generation today is worthily called a real break and gold standard in professional cosmetology, nowadays this device is used in more than 70 countries, and more than 400 thousand patients have been treated by it.
The advantages of laser skin resurfacing – CO2 over other hardware ones:

Delicate effect.

The depth of penetration of laser beams is few tenths of a millimeter; meanwhile not all the skin area is affected but only a small part of it. As a result laser resurfacing is used even on the most delicate and sensitive areas of the face and body – in the upper chest, the neck, around the eyes and mouth.

Compared with other salon peels options this procedure provides minimal invasiveness. The procedure is performed using only local anesthesia and lasts 20-45 minutes.

Synergism of few sessions.

If after the first procedure of resurfacing the desired result is not achieved, then the dermatologist appoints the next one. There is no need to wait a few months between them. As a rule, in order to get rid of scars, stretch marks and scars, one will need 3-5 sessions of laser resurfacing.


Thanks to the technique of optical thermolysis not only the problem of minor cosmetic defects can be solved, but also the texture of skin with serious defects, including keloid postoperative scars or a chain of pigmented stretch marks, can be improved.
An easy tolerance
Within 4-7 days the skin is completely restored, so during the course of resurfacing one can lead a very ordinary life.

Long-term result.

Patients referred to our clinic in order to remove scars and other acquired defects may be carefree – after laser resurfacing the skin will retain its smoothness forever.


Why the procedure of CO2 superrefraction photothermolysis is unique.
• Painlessness
• Rejuvenating of skin whole collagen elastin matrix
• The solution of many cosmetic problems in one session(20-45 minutes)
• Minimal injury of surrounding tissues
• Suitable for all skin types: there are no restrictions on color, thickness and skin sensitivity
• Can be used on any sensitive area (hands, décolleté, neck, eyelids)
• The skin barrier functions are retained, there is no risk of infection, no need to apply protective and regenerating masks for a long time
• You can use makeup next day after the treatment: the skin does not require any special care, except for the standard sun protection and moisturizing cosmetics.
• The procedure is performed using only local anesthesia and lasts for 20-30 minutes.


• Older skin treatment
• Pigment stains removal
• Removal of wrinkles
• Scar resurfacing
• Treatment of pitted acne scar
• Stretch marks treatment
• Treatment of melasma

Contra indications

• Epilepsy
• Pregnancy
• Psoriasis
• Childhood eczema in the exacerbation phase
• Inflammatory processes in the estimated treatment area
• If less than 2 weeks have passed since chemical peel and procedures of such nature
• If less than 2 weeks have passed since the last tanning session
Before the procedure you must specify the presence of allergic reactions!

After procedure

• Mild swelling
• A slight redness
• Temporary skin dryness
• The presence of point crusts

All these effects will be eliminated in 4-7 days.
Thus, laser skin rejuvenation of CO2 superrefraction photothermolysis technology is far outnumber by capacity and physiology than usual laser skin resurfacing .

Skin care after laser resurfacing

Which scheme of professional care is optimal?
During the consultation the dermatocosmetologyst selects a full line of products for home care and explains exactly how to use them. However after resurfacing the skin needs also a professional support – care procedures.

On the 1st -4th day an intense hydration and recovery is appointed.
It provides instant, very deep and lasting hydration, which is necessary for all cellular processes that occur in the skin. Gluconolactone and other polysaccharides, sea minerals, patented molecular component Vegifarmi penetrate deeper into the basement membrane of the epidermis, reaching the dermis. They saturate the skin with moisture, preventing its evaporation, and normalize lipid and PH-balance, neutralize free radicals and stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, returning the elasticity and density of tissue and protect against inflammation and UV exposure, restore the full barrier function of the epidermis.

On the 5th 6th day after resurfacing a professional rehabilitation is carried out.
A multi-stage program of care includes cleansing, gradual application of special preparations and light massage. The preparations used in our clinic are suitable even for hypersensitive skin; contain valuable aromatic oils, phyto stimulins, sеа algae minor elements, biological protective factors.

9-10 days past one should drop into the clinic for meso therapy.

Thanks to it in the areas that need additional support, local, very accurate delivery of individually selected moisturizing, nourishing and therapeutic products are provided.
The further care strategy is built individually, depending on the age, aesthetic problems to be solved and skin condition.