Enlarged vessels laser treatment 1Enlarged vessels control with the help of therapeutic agents unfortunately doesn’t provide the intended effect. And the methods of coagulation used over the years caused appearance of scars, depigmentation, hyperpigmentation. Spider veins, vascular spiders on face and legs, skin couperosis, telangiectasia, venous network and even varicose veins today may be successfully removed with the help of Vessel Laser of new generation Nd:YAG which also removes minor enlarged vessels.
The radiation of vascular Nd: YAG laser has the characteristics that provide selectivity of the effects on vasodilation. The procedure of laser removal of blood vessels on such laser is comfortable for the patient, it is painless and it takes from 5 to 15 minutes.

No other laser for today has such optimal combination of parameters necessary for the effective treatment of vasculars (wavelength, radiation power, pulse duration and the size of the light spot on the skin). An external cooling system (which prevents the appearance of burns) provides painless treatment of varicose veins, telangiectasia, rosacea treatment, vascular disorders, removal of spider veins on the laser.

This laser is highly effective at:

• Removal of telangiectasia
• Treatment of spider veins
• Removal of vascular spiders on legs
• Vascular birthmarks removal
• Skin couperosis removal
• Varicosity treatment
• Laser removal of face vessels
• Treatment of legs vessels
• Removal of nose vessels
• Treatment of rosacea

How does Nd:YAG laser removal take place?

Enlarged vessels laser treatmentOn laser exposure to the skin the light energy is absorbed by hemoglobin. This results in coalescence of the vessel walls, and it ceases functioning. Small vessels are removed completely, major vascular stains, hemangiomas turn pale and greatly reduce in size. The impact is made only on the capillary walls, and the surrounding skin is not damaged. The patient hardly feels discomfort and the redness from the laser exposure disappears in 15-30 minutes.
The advantage of the method of selective laser coagulation (from Lat. Coagulatio – coagulation, condensation) is to minimize the risk of scarring, injury to surrounding tissues and a significant reduction of healing period.

The procedure of removing the spider veins, vascularity spots, venous network by Nd: YAG laser is safe and highly effective: as a result we get a great aesthetic effect – pure healthy skin.
Spider veins on face, varicose mesh, vascular spots signalize that vessels need to be strengthened.
It is recommended to undergo mesotherapy to strengthen blood vessels, and patients who had non-surgical treatment of varicose veins should follow the advice of our doctor.