Thread lift is one of the innovative methods of non-surgical facelift, and this procedure has become widely popular among our visitors because the results are seen in the blink of an eye.

Through rejuvenation projects based on thread lift, specialists combine thread lift with several other aesthetic interventions, including: 

  • fillers
  • superficial peelings
  • machine-based method of rejuvenation
  • botulinotherapy

The compatibility of thread lift is very high. During a free consultation at Avanta, internationally qualified doctors will help you choose the rejuvenation program that is the most effective and that complies with your skin and age. 

Indications for thread lift

  • ptosis of facial skin
  • ptosis of corners of mouth
  • wrinkles in the frontal area
  • folds in the labial and nasal areas
  • folds on the chin and neck, in the décolleté
  • nasolacrimal ducts



  • infectious diseases
  • chronic blood diseases
  • pregnancy and lactation period.


Types of mesothread

  • linear
  • spiral
  • needle


Advantages of the intervention

  • low invasiveness
  • instantaneous impact
  • no recovery period