Fillex plasmogel is one of the methods of rejuvenation aimed at correcting the shape of
the face and reducing deep wrinkles. Based on its nature, plasmogel is an autologous
filler that underlies thermal treatment of blood plasma.

Thermal treatment is conducted through a Fillex device that helps us obtain “fibrin
glue”. It is rich in albumin, amino acids and the factors of cell growth. New technology
allows to turn plasma blood into a gel, without adding additional components.



● flattening of nasolabial folds
● increase of volume of cheeks
● flattening of lower section of eyes
● change of structure of chin
● rejuvenation of face, hands, décolleté
● restoration of oval of face
● sunken cheeks

● oncological diseases
● blood diseases
● mental disorders

Advantages of plasmogel
● is made from one’s own blood, thus, it does not cause allergic reactions and
other phenomena
● serves as a ground for the creation of new blood vessels
● absence of swelling that is sometimes caused after a large amount of injections
of hyaluronic acid
● it not only “fills” the folds and problems and increases the volume, but also
improves the quality of skin

Duration of one visit
50-90 minutes

Type of anesthesia
Tranquilizing cream
Consultation with a specialist before intervention is mandatory.