Plasmolifting is a cell rejuvenation technology of the future

Plasmolifting or PRP therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) is not just a way of rejuvenation; it is a real breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine.

At the core of the procedure is the use of human own plasma, pre-platelet-rich which are not only necessary for blood clotting but also produce special proteins that stimulate cell division and proliferation.

Human blood is a huge reserve of opportunities for anti-aging.

Research and development in the field of PRP therapy method revealed the effectiveness of the use of plasma in cosmetology and Trichology.

In cosmetology, plasma therapy is considered an innovative and effective method, due to the combined effect on the skin. Besides rejuvenation, this procedure accelerates the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts, the formation of molecules of hyaluronic acid, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, the immune system, and metabolism.

The method of non-surgical rejuvenation – Plasmolifting in cosmetology is very popular. It is used in facial, décolleté, neck and hands rejuvenation.

What are platelets, and what are they for?

Platelets are blood cells which produce specific protein substances growth factors and are “pantry” of ATP. When injected into the patient’s skin, these agents activate the intracellular mechanism of metabolism and synthesis of substances responsible for freshness, moisture, and elasticity: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Platelets are “forced” to normally function skin cells – fibroblasts, the depot of own young cells are restored.

The main advantages of Plasmolifting procedure as follows:

• natural method;

• rapid rejuvenation;

• resistant instant lifting;

• no restrictions;

• minimum contraindications.

The main indications for Plasmolifting:

• wrinkles;

• the omission of the soft tissues of the face;

• reduced turgor;

• dryness, peeling, dehydration, skin fatigue;

• prevention and treatment of stretch marks;

• restoration of the skin after laser peel;

• treatment of dermatological diseases.


Technically plasma treatment method can be divided into three stages:

• collection of blood from a vein (from 10 to 50 ml);

• cleaning of blood from leukocytes and erythrocytes, obtaining plasma with 5-8 times increased number of platelets;

• introduction of the plasma into desired zones using the finest needles (under the application of anesthesia).

Duration of treatment is 40-50 minutes. Rehabilitation period (swelling, redness, papules) may reach 7-10 days. In the meantime, you can see the first results. The entire course is 2-4 sessions with the 7-day interval. The effect of Plazmolifting of a face and other parts of body remains up to two years.

What is the post-procedure effect?

Visible rejuvenation effect is noticeable after the first procedure. Using a specific technique of platelet-rich plasma administration, we achieve lifting effect –“skin tightening”. Therefore plasmolifting in cosmetics is a natural method of skin rejuvenation.

A combined use of Plasmolifting and hardware techniques gives even more pronounced effect of rejuvenation. Anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of platelet-rich plasma can be effectively used it in the treatment of all stages of acne.

The results of Plasmolifting:

• firm, elastic, moisturized skin;

• lifting effect of face oval contour;

• flattening of wrinkles;

• improvement of skin color;

• restoration of metabolic processes;

• acne and other dermatological diseases treatment.


The technique is also effective for hair loss treatment

Platelet-rich plasma is used to stop the necrosis of hair follicles, hair thinning and stimulates the growth of new hair. Thanks to hair skin Plasmolifting the resting hair follicles are activated, an intensive blood circulation takes place, protective properties of the skin are strengthened, fungus infections, oily and dry dandruff, hair thinning control process takes place.

Head Plazmolifting procedure starts with the skin condition checkup and designation of the existing problems. During the talk to doctor, an inspection of the existence of contraindications to this procedure is carried out. Furthermore, biochemical and clinical blood tests are recommended, plus analysis for markers of hepatitis.

If the patient has no contraindications, the procedure can be started.

For the treatment of hair loss usually, 10 sessions are sufficient.

The indications for hair Plazmolifting are as follows:

• alopecia of different etiology;

• hair thinning;

• dandruff.


Direct carrying out of the procedure is possible only after the conversation with the doctor in order to check the existence of contraindications. Contraindications In Plazmolifting are associated not only with the general state of patient health but also with the state of his blood:

• systemic blood diseases;

• Hepatitis B and C;

• HIV infection;

• diabetes;

• heparin intolerance;

• infectious diseases;

• diseases of the immune system;

• inflammations in the areas of planning injection;

• fever;

• taking anticoagulants;

• chronic liver disease;

• pregnancy and lactation.