Plasmolifting is one of the innovative methods for making skin look youthful for a long
time, and it is performed through the use of the visitor’s blood plasma.

This method is highly appreciated since it helps perform several tasks at once, including
the following:
● contributes to the production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts;
● stimulates the formation of the molecules of hyaluronic acid;
● intensifies the restoration of tissues, immunity and metabolism,
● helps notably whiten the color of facial skin.



Advantages of plasmolifting
● it is a natural method
● it ensures quick results
● there is no age restriction

Stages of procedure
● Drawing blood from the vein
● Leukocytes and erythrocytes are cleansed from the blood; we obtain a plasma of
thrombocytes condensed by 5-8 times
● We inject the plasma in the to-be-treated zones with the help of thin needles

Duration of one visit
40-50 minutes

Recovery period
Redness, swelling and traces pass after 2-3 days.

Indications for plasmolifting
● mimic wrinkles
● ptosis
● decrease of elasticity
● dry skin, dehydration, fatigue, dandruff
● prophylaxis and treatment of strias
● skin recovery after laser peeling and other aggressive methods of rejuvenation
● treatment of skin diseases


● Circulatory system diseases
● Diabetes
● Incompatibility of heparin
● Infectious diseases
● Immune system disorders
● Inflammatory processes in zones for treatment
● High body temperature
● Taking anticoagulants
● Chronic liver diseases
● Pregnancy and breastfeeding period

Some of the contraindications depend on the person.

It is advised to choose the course of plasmolifting for high effectiveness.

Consultation with a specialist before intervention is mandatory.