PIANO is atraumatic laser rejuvenation in the deep layers of the skin. Thanks to SP Dynamis by Fotona, the intervention is performed under strict supervision of the length of a light beam.

Essence of the intervention

The laser impacts the layers producing collagen and elastin in skin. The beam stimulates the metabolism within the layers of the skin and fosters the synthesis of proteins for elasticity and humidification.

The procedure helps shape a collagenous carcass that is protected for a long time, giving the lifting effect. This leads to the regeneration of cells and the formation of new skin.  

Piano 1
Piano 2



  • pale face,
  • disruption of facial structure
  • loss of skin elasticity and tone


  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • diabetes
  • oncological diseases
  • herpes (acute phase)


  • painless
  • no recovery stage 
  • applies to different parts of the body 

Frequency of visits

The laser rejuvenation course usually consists of six visits. The number of visits may be specified by the specialist, depending on the indications of the particular visitor.