Mesotherapy is an injection method for rejuvenation, and the aim is to nourish the skin with necessary vitamins, mineral substances, amino acids and nucleic acids in the necessary spots.

During mesotherapy, within the scope of rejuvenation programs, we inject in the skin specially selected meso-cocktails, and we particularly select the cocktails of the materials that are required for the particular visitor.

Advantages of mesotherapy

  • no pain
  • no age restriction
  • high compatibility with other aesthetic interventions
  • short recovery period


Contraindications of mesotherapy

  • dry skin
  • loss of skin tone
  • oily skin with enlarged pores
  • existence of age-related and expression lines
  • dark circles under eyes
  • existence of fats under eyes


Important to know

The intervention is performed with the help of a tranquilizing cream.


Duration of one visit 60 minutes

For visible and long-term effects of mesotherapy, we recommend a course (5-10 visits).

Due to its favorable impact, mesotherapy has become widely popular in trichology as well. Modern meso-cocktails help strengthen hair roots and achieve higher results for the prevention of hair loss.

Other fields for application of mesotherapy

  • Slimming — fight against emergence of local fats and cellulite, double chin removal
  • Trichology — strengthening of hair roots and prevention of hair loss