The Smooth Eye rejuvenation method is designed to restore skin in the circles under eyes, reduce under-eye wrinkles and increase skin tone. The intervention is not invasive. 

The result of rejuvenation is obtained through the impact of two lasers of different lengths. 


  • no seasonal restrictions
  • short recovery period
  • visible and quick result right after first visit
  • combined with other rejuvenation programs


  • deep wrinkles
  • ptosis of eyelids
  • dark circles under eyes
  • weakened skin

Description of intervention

The Smooth Eye method consists of the following four stages, each of which is considered an individual method of rejuvenation: 

1st stage: SMOOTH. This is the stage of restoration of the eyelids. In this stage, the mucous membrane of the eyelids is treated, and the impact of the laser stimulates collagen production.

2nd stage: In this stage, the periorbital zone is treated, tissues are equally and homogeneously heated, and the deep layers of the skin are restored through thermal effect. 

3rd stage: Cold peeling (we remove the horny layer of the skin through the effect of cold peeling). This provides the opportunity to whiten the skin and overcome age-related pigmentation.

4th stage: Super-long laser impulses. These impulses help restore the elasticity and shade of the skin, and wrinkles are also flattened in this stage.

You can check the number of required visits for the final results during a free consultation with a specialist.