CO2 laser polishing is one of the safe, controllable and effective measures for cleansing the skin and making it look youthful. 

Nature of the procedure 

The damaged parts of the skin are polished with a laser, and the micro-sections of pathologically modified tissues are removed. 

The scars and strias of the skin with superficial defects become almost unnoticed right after the first intervention. 



  • opportunity for course treatment
  • easily tolerable
  • long-term result 
  • refreshing of collagen structure of skin


  • removal of scars 
  • removal of strias 
  • post-acne treatment 
  • dry skin treatment 
  • removal of pigments 


  • pregnancy and lactation
  • psoriasis
  • epilepsy
  • inflammations in the area under treatment
  • two weeks following sunburn
  • two weeks following chemical peelings


  • local
  • overall (in case of deep intervention).

Recovery period 

4-7 days

Potential effects of intervention

  • swelling
  • redness
  • emergence of spots

Duration 20-45 minutes

Consultation with a specialist before intervention is necessary.


At our clinic, consultation is free-of-charge.