Laser rejuvenation is a cutting edge non-invasive technique of correction of skin aging changes (wrinkles, pigmentation).
In “Avanta” medical center the procedure of laser resurfacing is performed by Q-med laser.
The key point of laser resurfacing is in impact on middle layer of derma, mediated impact on vessels, which brings to increasing of fibro-blast and to increasing of collagen and elastin fibers quantity.

The results of laser rejuvenation:

  • Removal of pigment stains
  • Improvement of skin quality
  • Smoothing of small lines
  • Disappearance and blanching of surface laid pigment stains
  • Lifting effect

Laser resurfacing is recommended after 30 for the preventive care and correction of skin aging changes.
The course of laser resurfacing prior plastic surgery provides an early suture healing and prevention of scar appearance. Laser resurfacing restores blood circulation in skin, it’s ability to restoration and regeneration improves by 30%.

Advantages of skin laser rejuvenation:

  • Painlessness
  • Leaves no marks (a slight redness, which goes away within half an hour after the procedure)
  • No side effects
  • No complications (hyperpigmentation)
  • Short course (from 4 to 6 procedures)

Indications to laser rejuvenation:

  • Aging prophylaxis
  • Optimization and support of results in complex anti-age therapy

Contra-indications to laser resurfacing:

  • Damage of skin cover
  • Inflammatory skin conditions in acute stage
  • Pregnancy
  • Nevuses are not contra-indications to laser resurfacing as they are got round during the procedure

The course of laser rejuvenation:

On the average the course consists of 4 to 7 procedures with 2 day interval

Rehabilitation period

The laser resurfacing procedure doesn’t require rehabilitation period: 15 minutes after the treatment you can use cosmetics and go back to your work without fear that the marks of medical intervention will be visible.

Complex programs:

Complex intervention improves the result of laser resurfacing procedure and creates synergetic effect. The specialist of our center will help you to choose the optimum combination of these techniques, herein significantly increasing the effectiveness of each of them.