Laser rejuvenation is one of the most effective approaches for the removal of pigments and wrinkles.

By impacting blood vessels, it has an effect on the middle layers of the skin and helps achieve the desired outcome. It also increases the amount of fibroblasts and collagen fibers. 


  •  it is painless
  • there are no undesired effects after the procedure (insignificant redness passes within half an hour)
  • there are no complications
  •  short course (4-6 visits)


  • prevention of aging
  • anti-age therapy optimization and long-term maintenance of results
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  • skin cover injuries
  • inflammatory skin diseases — in the stage of escalation
  • pregnancy

Moles are not considered a contraindication; they are bypassed during intervention.


  • pigment spots are eliminated
  • quality of skin is improved
  • small wrinkles are flattened
  • superficial pigment spots are cleansed and disappear

 Age-related indications

We recommend laser rejuvenation after 30.

Laser rejuvenation restores blood circulation in the skin and improves the regeneration ability by 30%. 

Recovery period
The laser rejuvenation procedure does not require a recovery period. You may use cosmetics 15 minutes after the procedure and return to the workplace without being afraid that traces of medical intervention will be noticeable.