High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a safe and effective means of facelift through thermal coagulation. Until recently, the result equivalent to the result of this intervention in the field of aesthetic medicine was obtained only through plastic surgery. In case of marked ptosis of soft tissues, surgical facelift is still current.

Principle of HIFU

The result of lifting is the impact of high-frequency ultrasound impulses on the deep layers of the dermis (the ultrasound wave penetrates up to 13 mm deep into the deep layers of the skin). 




  • no recovery period 
  • the result becomes noticeable every day in a certain period following the intervention
  • long-term result: up to 2 years


  • age-related changes
  • double chin
  • loss of contours of cheeks
  • sagging skin and paleness in the neck and chin areas
  • violation of oval of face and contour of lower jaw
  • deepening of nasolabial folds, sagging corners of lips
  • sagging eyebrows                         
  • gravitational ptosis


  • pregnancy and lactation period
  • epilepsy
  • skin inflammations
  • infections
  • oncological diseases
  • lupus and other autoimmune diseases