Fractora is an RF lifting procedure for facial skin rejuvenation.

At Avanta, we use the leading Fractora rejuvenation technology to eliminate pigments, scars and other age-related changes.

The BodyTite device is trusted by professional aesthetic doctors around the world.

The target areas are treated with the power of impulses adapted to the sensitivity of the skin and under the impact regime.



Essence of the procedure

The RF energy penetrates into the depth of the skin that it needs to penetrate through an electrode placed within the upper layers of nodes. The temperature of tissues rises during the operation. The depth of impulses is controlled through a special computer software, and an appropriate adjustment is provided in each case.

The intervention is performed through local anesthesia.


  • safe
  • non-invasive
  • no seasonal contraindications
  • rapid results (visible right after the first visit)
  • short recovery period


  • skin disorders
  • wrinkled skin (face, abdomen, chest)
  • vague facial structure
  • post-acne
  • pigments
  • changes of skin tone
  • pale face


  • skin disorders
  • oncological diseases
  • pregnancy and lactation period

The final result will be noticeable in 3-4 months

Duration of one visit: 40 minutes

Number of visits: 1-3 times

At Avanta, there is a wide scope of rejuvenation services that will help add and improve the results.

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