Fotona 4D laser rejuvenation is one of the latest global technologies that has recently become highly popular.

This innovative method is designed for those who avoid injections for rejuvenation.

Fotona 4D is the last generation of the latest rejuvenation programs, and it is presented only at Avanta Clinic in the region.

Tasks of Fotona 4D laser rejuvenation

  • ulti-layered laser lift
  • rejuvenation of deep layers of skin
  • correction of nasolabial folds
  • alignment of skin color and relief 
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Combination of this method of rejuvenation with four lasers: 

  • intraoral lifting (SMOOTH lifting), the aim is to flatten wrinkles and supplement the tissues of one third of the lower area of the face. In the area of the cheeks, the mucous membrane is refined with an Erbium laser that activates fibroblasts and refreshes the collagen fibers.
  • FRAC3 deep laser rejuvenation

Leads to skin elasticity and increase of tonus, narrowing of pores, alignment and flattening of skin tissues and color

  • PIANO rejuvenation regime

This laser is unique in that it can minimize the sizes of the lower area of the face. It also causes the slimming effect in the chin area.

      – SupErFicial

It allows for a velvet skin effect through the cold peeling method. This ensures softness, elasticity and firmness of the skin, makes the skin shine and improves the color of the skin.

Duration of one visit 90 minutes

Recovery period 48 hours

Impact of intervention

The impact is noticeable within a week. It is noticed more and more within a month and is maintained throughout the year.


  • expressed wrinkles of different depths
  • unclear oval of face
  • skin ptosis
  • growth of skin fatigue
  • expressed pigmentation


  • viral and infectious diseases
  • chronic herpes
  • skin disease in the impact zone
  • autoimmune diseases
  • oncological diseases 

To have a more long-term result, we recommend repeating the intervention once every 3-4 weeks. The frequency of visits depends on the person. Consulting with a specialist before the intervention is necessary.