Contour plastic of the face

Contour plastic is a nonsurgical facelift with fillers and an innovative method that helps rejuvenates the face for five or more years in just minutes.

Fillers are injectable materials and are designed to eliminate skin flaws.



Clear shape and expressed contour of face, flattening of wrinkles

Fillers are injectable materials designed to eliminate skin flaws.

Through the latest method, needles are injected in the areas of age-related loss of volume and in so-called shady zones.


  • no recovery period,
  • instantaneous and durable impact,
  • does not require change of ordinary pace of life,
  • appropriate for various types of skin.


  • gravitational ptosis in the soft tissues of the face and neck,
  • restoration of shade of facial skin,
  • improvement of shape of skin,
  • deep wrinkles and folds.


  • pregnancy and lactation period,
  • inflammations on the face in the areas for injection,
  • existence of silicone fillers,
  • circulatory disorder,
  • several autoimmune diseases.

Quantity of material used
Sometimes 1 ml is used, yet many visitors may often need 2-4 ml and sometimes 5 ml fillers.

30-50 minutes

Infiltration injection or application method

Duration of impact
Nearly 1 year

In spite of the modern volume approach to the use of fillers, visitors often see a doctor to solve problems such as the following:

  • nasolabial folds,
  • lift of lowered corners of mouth,
  • “wrinkles of sadness”,
  • elimination of age-related changes in lip,
  • shaping of cheekbones,
  • correction of nose shape,
  • lift of edge of nose,
  • brow lift,
  • chin correction,
  • shaping of corner of lower jaw,
  • equalization of lower jaw,
  • correction of mimic wrinkles,
  • elimination of horizontal neck wrinkles,
  • correction of hollow temples.


In aesthetic medicine, fillers are truly considered a major advancement. We can solve age-related and aesthetic issues with the help of filler injections, depending on the task, including correction of volume and shape of lips and chin correction, as well as total facial modeling.