Daily and remedial skin care:

Complex therapy is based on the following cosmetics: Holyland, Academy, Medicalia, Mesoestetic, Okinawa, Mediccontrolpeel, NeoStrata, Adoderm, Filorga. These preparations are based on the active ingredients in high concentrations, which ensure optimum efficiency of their action. Unique methods of problem skin treatment allow achieving excellent results in the fight against severe acne, seborrhea and rosacea.

The preparations have a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, stop inflammation and prevent the development of secondary infections, reduce pores, normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

The programs are developed for mature skin, have a visible rejuvenating effect: a significant alignment of texture and color of the skin, reducing the depth and number of wrinkles, pronounced lifting even after one treatment.

Procedures for oily problem skin and skin in a state of post-acne using innovative techniques of “Deep cleansing” give a wonderful aesthetic and therapeutic effect.

  • Normal Skin Type Care
  • Dry Skin Type Care
  • Oily Skin Type Care
  • Combination Skin Type Care

We offer our dear patients our stunning in its effect atraumatic cleansing procedure.

Everyone periodically needs this procedure. Sweat, fat, dust, horny scales and dirt constantly accumulate on the surface of the skin.

The procedure is completely atraumatic, it ensures pores contraction, reduces inflammation, aligns color and texture. The procedure  improves the quality of the skin. Atraumatic cleaning of the skin has minimum of restrictions in the application, can be performed at any age and at any time of the year. An exclusive method of preparation of the skin for cleaning eliminates the need for vaporizer and clean all skin types, including dry and sensitive, as well as inclinable to couperose. Deep and complex effects of preparations, prolonged warming effect without excessive load on the vessels, antiseptic and moisturizing essential-regenerating complex to restore the protective mantle of the skin provide an excellent aesthetic results immediately after the procedure and for a long time later. Your skin looks clean, fresh and rested and not exhausted like after normal cleaning.

For each one this procedure will be individual, we will take into account the condition of your skin at that time, because in winter and in summer the needs of skin are different.

The result of noninvasive skin cleansing

1. The notable aesthetic effect immediately after the procedure
2. Contraction of pores
3. Reduction of inflammation
4. Perfect complexion
5. Long-term effect

All this allows our dermatocosmetologists to carry out professional dermatological care, taking into account all the individual characteristics of your skin type and age.