Acne treatment

Many people are familiar with the situation when at an inopportune moment and on the most prominent site suddenly a nasty pimple is found. And what if more than one? And if acne occurs not occasionally but quite regularly?

Acne can become a nightmare and a constant source of serious psychological problems for anyone.
The doctors of our clinic will help to cure acne, get rid of pimples and regain self-confidence.
Do not delay, contact your doctor and solve the problem of acne
• Do not self –medicate: after squeezing the acne scars will remain forever (pitted acne scars)
• Do not hope that it will recover itself
Contrary to popular belief acne (acne, blackheads, pimples) is not only a problem of teenagers. Most of people who suffer acne are adults.

What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease during which there is a blockage of the sebaceous glands. An accumulated secretion – sebum gets infected, inflamed, a red pimple gradually transforms into a pustule.
Long existing inflamed acne leaves marks on the skin – small scars, holes, enlarged pores which interrupt the smooth texture of skin. These effects of acne are called pitted acne scars and require separate treatment.

What contributes acne appearance?

• Hormonal disruptions (age-related-puberty or caused by endocrine diseases, e.g. such as an excess of male hormones)
• premenstrual period (also related to hormones)
• Immunosuppression
• Stress
• Gastrointestinal disease
• Hereditary predisposition
• Allergies
• Incorrect selection and use of decorative cosmetics
• Self-treatment (squeezing blackheads, ignorant use of medical cosmetics)


Acne is reasonably called “blackhead disease.” Skin as a mirror reflects trouble inside the body. Therefore, people suffering from acne should have medical examination, which will help to identify the origin of chronic «wheal-and-flare» of acne and pimples.
The dermatocosmetologist will determine the volume of necessary research. After a careful examination and talk with the patient the doctor will develop the optimal treatment program taking into account the diagnostic results.

Traditionally the treatment of acne includes:

• Strict adherence to the doctor’s recommendations on diet, lifestyle
• Training of the patient on proper skincare
• Doctor’s recommendations on proper selection and use of decorative and medical cosmetics
• Professional cleaning of face and other medical treatments (prescribed by a doctor)
• Prescription of appropriate medications corresponding the severity of acne (only the doctor specifies the necessity of drugs use!)
• Treatment of pitted acne scars-the after effects of acne

The peculiarities of acne treatment in the center of aesthetic cosmetology Avanta.
Acne treatment in the clinic of cosmetology Avanta starts with the advice of a doctor – dermatocosmetologist.
Our center is multi field, so in case of additional research necessity you can undergo them directly in our clinic.
Our experts work only with the most effective professional lines of cosmetic units.

In acne treatment the following procedures help us:

• Laser treatment
• Meso therapy
• Micro wave cosmetic procedures
• Mechanical and chemical peelings
• All types of skin care