Collagen is one of the key components of the human organism. It is collagen that helps
restore damaged tissues and makes the skin elastic.

Functions of collagen
● Protective — strengthens tissues and protects them from mechanical injuries
● Restorative — ensures restoration of cells
● Ensures moisture
Over time, the quantity of collagen decreases, and this leads to skin elasticity and loss
of color and firmness of skin. Collagen injections are usually performed after the age of

Within the wide scope of modern aesthetic medicine, collagen injections are considered
one of the best methods for fighting against wrinkles.

At our clinic, we use Коллост (Collost) gel for collagen injections.

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Advantages of the substance
● safety
● long-term impact
● protection

Duration of intervention
Total duration: 1 hour.

The procedure is performed through local anesthesia.

Three days before the intervention, we test the substance in order to exclude allergic

● lifting
● treatment of post-acne scars
● scars