Carboxytherapy is a method of aesthetic mesotherapy that impacts the skin through
carbon dioxide.

Carboxytherapy can be combined with other aesthetic interventions, including:
● Mesotherapy
● Liposuction
● Laser dermabrasion



There are no age restrictions.

The impact of special medicinal gas can:
● highlight the oval of the face
● improve metabolism and blood circulation
● flatten deep wrinkles
● enhance skin resilience and elasticity
● enrich skin nutrients
● stimulate recovery
● remove extra section of cheeks
● eliminate white spots and scars
Indications for carboxytherapy
● premature skin aging
● facial wrinkles
● paleness
● acne
● dark circles under eyes
● blood circulation and cardio-vascular diseases
● chronic diseases
● nervous system disorder
● pregnancy and breastfeeding period
● renal and respiratory insufficiency

Carboxytherapy does not have harmful effects and does not entail complications. 

Consultation with a dermatologist before intervention is mandatory since there may be contraindications for the particular person.