Biorevitalization is a medical procedure including an injection of hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin
(partially stabilized or non-stabilized single-phase) in the superficial and middle layers of the dermis to moisturize and create a connection frame in the skin, followed by the natural involution. The preparation is identical to hyaluronic acid of intradermal origin. For injection various mesotherapeutic techniques are used: tracking, channel, which is selected by a qualified physician, depending on the problem solution.


Variety of preparations used

  • Aquashine
  • IAL-System
  • Dr. Korman
  • Jalupro

It’s hard to find a man who would refuse to see in the mirror his young and beautiful reflection. A significant role in the creation of image plays a skin condition. Young and supple, healthy and firm, with no wrinkles, age spots and flaking…


The achievements of modern science allow you to keep all of these properties of the skin for many years. Dermatologist in our clinic will offer the very late systems of correction of age-related skin changes.

… – These preparations are called “Gold Standard of Biorevitalization “, not only for their effectiveness, but also for high tolerability and high safety. But the market of injection techniques has been steadily expanding, including the preparations of biorevitalization hyaluronic acid: now it is appropriate to talk about the preparations for adapted step-by-step biorevitalization from the world’s leading manufacturers of hyaluronic acid. Right to work with such preparations is obtained only by dermatologists or maxillofacial surgeons who in the framework of advanced training have undergone special training and seminar on the specifics of the application.

How the procedure of skin biorevitalization is carried out

The biorevitalization technique allows to restore tone, elasticity and color peculiar to young and healthy skin, protect it from the effects of free radicals. It doesn’t only improve the appearance, but also restores the internal environment of the skin, really slows down the aging process. This is a method of intradermal injection of natural, chemically unmodified hyaluronic acid, which immediately restores moisture balance and recreates the ideal conditions for the cells activity as a result of which the external effect is amplified over time due to restoration of the intrinsic properties of tissue. The results are divided into “fast” and “slow”. What is “fast”? The first thing a patient sees immediately after the procedure is the following: rhytides effacement which is achieved by direct introduction of hyaluronic acid in the place it’s absence is most obvious.

This effect is temporary and lasts 7-14 days and is not the ultimate goal of the procedure at all, although patients like it very much. Further the following takes place: hyaluronic acid injected from outside is utilized by cells of the skin and they begin to produce its own hyaluronic acid, to synthesize elastin and collagen fibers, restoring the structure of aging skin. As a result of such restoration patient sees how the tone and content of the skin is gradually improved, the number of wrinkles is decreased and their depth is reduced, skin becomes more resistant to environmental effect. This effect has already been stable, though does not develop immediately: our cells cannot replace the skin composition for a couple of days!
The rejuvenation program is carried out by means of injections of hyaluronic acid, which is extracted genetically; it has a high molecular weight and does not cause allergies, so biorevitalization by hyaluronic acid is safe even for highly allergic individuals. In order to reduce pain feelings in the process of face biorevitalisation the preparations are injected by special thin needles.

Skin biorevitalization is used alone and in a comprehensive program of rejuvenation, the patient can count on a long-predicted result:

  • Facial contours lift
  • Shaping of cheekbones line
  • Correction of hyperfunctional wrinkles
  • Evident lifting effect due to prolongation of water retention phase
  • Improvement of skin color
  • An increase of skin hydration (replenishment of lost hyaluronic acid)
  • Increase of skin elasticity and turgor
  • Change the micro and macro relief of skin after the first treatment

Depending on the age one may need from 1 to 2 sessions consisting of 3-4procedures of biorevitalization with 3-4 week interval, the period between sessions is from 3 to 6 months.

Biorevitalization is an easy way to youth and beauty.