Out of the diverse cosmetic procedures, the most effective procedure is selected based on the principle of individual approach to every patient.

We have consolidated the centers for aesthetic medicine, modern dentistry and plastic surgery under one roof, and this provides the opportunity to combine various cosmetic procedures and achieve the perfect results.

Two women of the same age often need to undergo absolutely different procedures in order to achieve the same result.

During a free consultation, the highly qualified specialists at Avanta Aesthetic Medical Clinic will help you choose the option that is the most appropriate for you.



What are the peculiarities of Avanta Aesthetic Medical Clinic?

  • Variety of rejuvenation programs (we offer long-term rejuvenation programs, as well as rejuvenation programs that ensure quick and immediate results)
  • A team of doctors with medical education
  • An individual approach (all you have to do is tell the doctor what problem you want to solve, and the doctor will offer you the most effective rejuvenation method)
  • 16 years of experience, collaborations with the top international brands
  • Leader in the aesthetic medicine market


What types of rejuvenation programs does Avanta Aesthetic Medical Clinic have to offer?

  • Rejuvenation injections
  • Rejuvenation apparatus
  • Mixed (combined programs for every case)